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Brisbane Electrical Price Guide

Brought to you by popular demand

Get estimates is an important part of project planning, and we often get asked what a task might cost. But without any details, photos or an inspection it's hard for us to give a fair answer. So we've been busy calculating the averages to bring you this Price guide for common household installations. If your looking at a bigger job these prices will decrease. We always recommend booking a Free Quote* - call Sage on 0432 808 800

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Common Tasks Cost* Description
Double Power Outlet Install$100Includes labour, cable, bracket and GPO.
Double Power Outlet Install Outside$150Complete with weatherproof GPO.
Ceiling Fan Install $100You supply ceiling fan.
Ceiling Fan Supply$80+Depends what size, light, colour and style.
New Light Fitting Install$90Includes wall switch and cabling – You supply light.
Replace Power Outlet / Light Fitting$50Swap over – We supply GPO or you supply light.
Downlight Supply & Install$75Includes downlight, socket, cabling and labour.
Exhaust Fan Supply & Install$150250mm Airflow exhaust installed.
Bathroom Tastic 3 in 1 2xHeat Lamps Supply & Install$180All in one heat, light and exhaust – 2 heat lamps.
Bathroom Tastic 3 in 1 4xHeat Lamps Supply & Install$220All in one heat, light and exhaust – 4 heat lamps.
Twin LED Spots with Sensor Supply & Install$2102x 8W LED exterior spots. Efficient, modern and bright!
Twin LED Spots Supply & Install$1902x 8W LED exterior spots.
LED Floodlight Supply & Install$17520W LED exterior flood light. Great spread of light.
PE Smoke Alarm Supply & Install$140Clipsal photoelectric smoke alarm hardwired 240V.
Certificate of Compliance – Smoke Alarm System$150Includes clean, minor repairs, complete test and report.
Safety Switch Install or Replacement$220Includes basic consumables and quality safety switch.
Switchboard Upgrade (Includes lifesaving safety switches)$750+Complete upgrade. 1x Main switch 5x RCBOs
Oven / Stove Circuit Installed on Safety switch$350+Depends on length. Includes HD 6mm2 cabling.
Oven / Stove Replacement$100You pick up the new one and we’ll fit it.
Hot Plate Replacement$75$150 For hotplate and oven replacement.
Take Appliances to the Dump$50Time, Travel and Dump fees. It all adds up.
Upgrade to Digital Antenna (Replacement)$220Upgraded antennas are nice and small.
Digital Antenna Complete Installation$320Includes antenna, new RG6 cabling & tv antenna outlet.
CCTV Surveillance System Supply & Install$600Basic system – 4 Night vision cameras installed and setup.
Hot Water Element$200Replaces most Electric hot water unit elements.
Hot Water Thermostat$220If its not the element – it’s the thermostat
Fault Finding$80Charged hourly. Most faults are rectified within 3 hrs.
After Hours Emergency Call Outs$250Minimum charge but we’ll get your power restored.
Air Conditioner 2.5kw (Standard Bedrooms)$1255Various models to choose. Back to back complete install.
Air Conditioner 3.5kw (Bigger Bedrooms)$1395Various models to choose. Back to back complete install.
Air Conditioner 7.0kw (Open Plan Areas)$1845Various models to choose. Back to back complete install.
Minimum Charge$100We make exceptions. Just ask us.
Cost*Free QuotesCosts can vary depending on difficulty and access.
Large Quantities and JobsAsk UsWe can reduce our pricing for large quantities.
These amounts are to be used as estimates.
Most installations will not exceed these costs.
All amounts are excluding GST